How to set Emissive material thanks Blueprints?

I’m currently using SPOUT (GitHub - AleDel/Spout-UE4: Spout Plugin for Unreal Engine) and I try to create a material thanks blueprints like this :

But I would like to add an emissive input of the same source (Spout source)

How can I do that?
Thanks :wink:

You need to create instanced material, set emmisive as parameter in master material.
Then in blueprints create dynamic material instance
And then set its paramewter to value you want trough blueprints.

or watch this:

Thank you Nawrot for your fast reply and this reference,

I still didn’ t find the way how to achieve this. Somes things that i don’t understand :

  • How do I need to set up my blueprint? Can I do everything in my Actor Blueprint? My 3D mesh + the blueprint where I create my dynamic material instance?
  • What do I need as Parameter for my Material master? Does a constant parameter is enough or do I need to use a Vector Parameter?
  • Which material do I need to link to my 3D model? Seems to be the material instance that make sense to me.

Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate.

After many try I still didn’t understand the link between the variable and the Instance material. Unreal gives me an error.