How to set eGPU on the editor

Hi to everybody,I have a MacBook Pro with an external graphic card with AMD card.I’m going to start an Unreal course soon and I would like to know how to set the editor to work with the eGPU instead the internal card.I try to google it but it haven’t find any useful information.
Thanks for the help guys

Hi Gigi,
did you find a way how to make it work? What eGPU are you using?
I am thinking of buying Blackmagic eGPU Pro to my MacBook, but cannot find any info whether it is going to be working well with UE…

Thank you for any note:)…

When you rightclick on the unreal editor app icon and open the information, you can set the preferred GPU for that specific app.

I launch the editor with the Epic Games Launcher, so I don’t have the Unreal Editor App installed separately (as far as I know). How would i configure it to use the eGPU when I use the launcher?

Actually, I found the editor apps under the /Users/Shared/Epic Games folder, but setting the ‘prefer eGPU’ check box doesn’t seem to change anything (frame rate status the same)

same for me…

Any update on this?


I have a 2019 iMac with an eGPU. There is no monitor connected to the eGPU. It is just connected to the iMac via Thunderbolt 3. I set the Unreal Editor App to “Prefer eGPU”. When I launch the Unreal Editor, it clearly uses the eGPU. However, the lag is off the charts unbearable. Any other apps that I set to Prefer eGPU, such as Unity, all work great. It is only Unreal that sucks. Why is this?

Please note, if I attach a monitor to the eGPU and move the Unreal Editor App over to that monitor from the iMac main screen, it works just fine. It is only when I run the editor on the iMac main screen while using the eGPU that it fails miserably.

Hi @indiejames where exactly in the /Users/Shared/Epic Games folder do you find the Unreal icon? I can find the Epic games launcher icon but not an unreal launcher icon. Twinmotion definitally supports EGPU rendering. I wish someone from unreal would get back to us on this thread!

I have the same issue. :frowning:

somebody from the Epic game staff, can you tell us where to find the direct UE4 editor app on mac??