How to set Default Values of Structures with Meshes/Objects?

Good evening everyone,

I have a problem to set the default values in a structure that contains a mesh (or any variable whose value is unsettable by the menu structure). I created a structure that defines items in the game but I can not populate it. I tried to enter the data both in the istance and in a savegame but when I go to change the default values the menu collapses forcing me to open it again losing time. Having to populate it with about a hundred items so I would like to know if there is a more efficient way to do it.

Thank you in advice!

I’m working on this very thing myself. I have tried busting the structure to set and passing the variable back but it doesn’t work. May have to go C++?

Would like some feedback on this one.

In 4.9 (and maybe 4.8?) we can set any variable in structure! Also the collapsing issue appear rarely!

Collapsing issue appears again in 4.11-p1 and master, got a struct with an array of BP datatypes defined in c++, every time the focus changes the user defined struct editor collapses, making it virtually impossible to use.

Any fix for this issue? This bug is over 7 years old.

EDIT: Looks like it works if you edit it from the class defaults. ABSOLUTELY Should NOT be necessary given this bug is 7 years old, but it’s a workaround