How to set convergence w/ FFakeStereo

Nick Whiting provided help understanding the basics of how FFakeStereoRenderingDevice class functions in UnrealEngine.cpp. I’ve successfully managed to massage the parameters for an acceptable 3D stereo template, compiled the script, packaged/tested the exe on a 3D system in SxS. There’s just one problem, how to control convergence (set screen plane). With my current setting I see half the volume is forward projected, need to push it back.

Many thanks for a tip.

Hi, please visit the “iLocalPlayer” UE4 C++ Plugin on UE4 Marketplace: iLocalPlayer4UE4 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Functions of this plugin: 1. Side-by-Side Stereo 3D implementing; 2. Asymmetric projection(or named asymmetric view frustum) implementing.

Hope this helps you.