How to set "Constraint Actor 1" in blueprint?

I’m spawning a new PhysX Constraint Actor and I’d like to set it up by pointing it’s “Constraint Actor 1” and “Constraint Actor 2” properties to actors already in the scene. However in the blueprint node list I couldn’t find anything relevant.

Hey ZoltanE,

We do have functionality in to set these Constraint Actors via blueprint, however there is a bug in the current version of the editor that is blocking that node from being accessible in blueprints (the node is called Set Constrained Components). We will hopefully have this fix available in the next release, if not sooner (possibly via a hotfix).



This is still broken as of the 4.1.1 preview.

Unfortunately, it will likely not be fixed until the 4.2 version. We are working to get that update out ASAP.

Hi, is this fixed with 4.2? I can’t find any mention in the release notes.

The node is there but I couldn’t test the functionality yet.

This node is once again available in 4.2. It takes a physics constraint component for a target, so you’ll need to add one via the components tab or via an Add Physics Constraint Component node in your blueprint.

I don’t find how to do this in Blueprint in UE4.6.0!

Did ‘Set Constrained Components’ not work, or are you unable to find it? Are you doing this inside a Class Blueprint (using a Constraint Component), or in the Level Blueprint (ie using a Constraint Actor)?

I don’t use UE4 anymore (i go to Unity), i don’t check this, sorry.

Hi James,

I have an issue where set constrained components seems to fail as I reported in this question: (UE4 4.7 preview 3)

how does one set constraint between a BP component and an outside physical object ?