How to set click item and images pop up on screen

Hi guys,am new to ue4 and trying to set in FPS when an item is clicked then images pop up on screen showing image samples of the item.(say if i click a chair then a pop up image of chairs shows up on screen)
Is there a way to do that in blueprints?Kindly assist.

Yes, you would need to create a widget blueprint. The from the item add an “on clicked” event, off of that event “create widget and add to view port” You can also add variables for the widget image and expose them on spawn to make it easier to set the image you desire to be shown for each item. Definitely easy to do in blueprints! Let me know if you need any help.

Hi, I am looking for same solution…I want to open an image by mouse clicking…

Even on clicked - Create widget (containing the image).