How to set cinemascope resolution (not filmback size)

Hi community,

I want a camera which shows me the cinemascope aspect ratio (2048x858 pixels) in the viewport, but my filmback size should be set to an actual camera film back.
Resolution: 2048 x 858 px
Filmback: 36.70 x 25.54 mm (arri alexa lf)

How can I achieve this?

It’s all ratio based
for standard 1080p
1920/1080 = 1.78

your ARI filmback 36.70/25.54 = 1.43696
your cinemascope ratio is 2048/858 = 2.3869

so you could just change your filmback to 36.70mm x 15.37559mm (2.3869ratio), then render at 2048x858

or just keep the filmback of 36.70mm x 25.54mm render with a ratio of 1.43, and then crop it in premiere

Alright, thank you very much! :slight_smile: