How to set character rotation with analog stick?

Hey guys, this should be easy but I’m having a very difficult time, I have made a combo melee attack montage and I don’t want players to be locked to the same rotation throughout the entire combo, they might want to attack forwards then use the 2nd part of the combo behind them. My issue is that when i set rotation it’s always relative to the characters direction on spawn and not relative to the current direction its facing.
Below is what I’m using and a gif of what I’m trying to achieve. Screenshot - a3da0c7ab0b2dae743d6dee3bb18ced9 - Gyazo
Screen capture - 15585c7c14ee15f8dd9e8f40c29ce691 - Gyazo < — The issue here is that the direction that must be input with the analog stick becomes inverted if i turn the character around.

any help?