How to set center of gravity?

Guys, I want to place a gravity center in a huge cylinder, and your character get pulled to it’s center when you’re walking around, someone knows how I cna do that?

Sounds like a job for some type of physics volume, did you look at those?

Thanks a lot for the reply! I’ve just saw it! =) I’m jumping right away to study in more details the physics volume and their properties! THanks

Custom gravity is not yet in code, they have this planend but it is not high priority.

But there is a trick. Look into physics constrains, you can make simple pawn orbit or move only in 1 direction etc. Character walkng will be more tricky as you need to fake gravity with it for eg when character jumps. So ship on sea, or spaceship on orbit, that is easy, but walking and jumping not so.

I made my orbitaal space ship game all with physics constrains, pawn (spaceship) drops physics constrain to middle of planet, and locks all linear movment, leaving only angular freedom, and that’s for orbiting. Your case would be unlock 2 rotations and 1 linear axis of freedom. But they you need to script jumping. Everything needs to be in zerogravity, and you fake it with constrains or blueprints.

Hey @Nawrot

That’s a huge help! I’ll give my best to figure it out =) Thank you