How to Set Camera Rotation to separate from the player?

Hey there, I am trying to make a camera system that is the exact same as the one in Dissidia. I already have the focus system down so the camera knows who to lock on to, but so far whenever the camera moves, it changes. I am aware of controller pawn rotation, but clicking it on or off has not helped, only caused other problems. I used a third person template to get started, so it has a spring arm then camera, which i have also experimented removing the controller pawn rotation to no avail. I just need the camera to aim towards one target, while maintaining a specific height/distance from the player and rotating around the player to keep the target in focus while the player moves or rotates in any direction they choose. If i have to, I can remove the spring arm, but I’d like to have that as well for obvious reasons.

So, still haven’t gotten an answer for this one yet. I’ve managed to narrow down what is wrong with my setup by comparing some of my previous camera setups to the one I have now. I’ve gotten the camera to find the rotation between looking at the player and looking at the enemy and use that one so it is always looking at both, but this is undermined by the fact it won’t rotate around the player to keep both parties in perspective. I have included 3 wonderful MSpaint drawings to show what I am going for, and my current camera setup. the black pawns represent me and enemy, the circle is the distance the camera should maintain to the player, the purple lines are the look at rotations, the red line is the distance between those two rotations and the green point is the sweet spot.

alt text