How to set Boolean in Anim Graph for blend poses by bool

Hello Everyone!
I’m noob to the engine, i wish for some wisdom, I’m trying to set the blendings between my idle animation and the weapon equipped animation.

Te problem is that the input code i’ve made in the character blueprint doesen’t work.


Why can’t I use the same variables from the character blueprint in the animation blueprint? I can’t find a way to make this work, please help me!
Tank you very much!

Hey stephensonmafiu,

What you can do to get around this is in either of these ways (the second being almost identical to your image).

  1. In your animation BP you want to gain access to your character and its variables. The way to do this on the spot is by casting to your character (in my case ThirdPersonCharacter) and then accessing the variable and saving it to your own or using it on the spot.

  1. The second way is doing almost the same as 1. This time just promote the cast to a variable and access that when you need the variable.

Now get that in into your graph by access your character variable

It didn’t work the firt way but the second one did!! Thank you!! You’re the best!

Hey @vivalabugz can you share a solution when we want to check two conditions (two Booleans) in the Blend Poses by Bool?