How to set animation rate/speed with State Machine/ Animation blueprints?

Hi! I have an animation blueprint of a bird with a state machine.
It has 3 states:

Idle, Flapping and Cheering like this:


Each state has a skeletal animation on it and the state machine jumps from state to state with a ‘state’ variable.

The thing is that I want to control the flapping speed of the ‘flying’ animation depending on the gameplay.

I’m not finding a way to access flapping animation.
Besically I want to control this:

Any help?


Since I don’t know what value you want to use, I’m going to use Velocity Z. Whatever you use, it needs to be getting updated on the Eventgraph during the AnimUpdate, much like character velocity or speed in the templates!


And this is what it will look like. However, you can drag in any float variable and do some math first if you want, now that the pin is exposed :slight_smile:

Let us know if you hit any snags!

No way! I feel stupid, LOL…didn’t even seen those BIND buttons.
Thanks a lot @Mind-Brain !! Now I can control it :heart:


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