How to set ambient light level

Hey all.

I’m having issues finding out where to set ambient light levels for a level. Want my meshes to have a touch more ambient light on their shadowed side but cant see an options. Anyone?


You can use a Skylight(Modes > Lights > Skylight) or insert an ambient cubemap to the post process volume and adjust its intensity as you like. If you dont have a post process volume already create one via Modes > Volumes > Post Process Volume and set it to Unbound to make it your global post process volume.

I couldn’t make that work (I’m using the engine without baking/lightmass).
But I found another way which may be helpful.

  1. You can enable the experimental GI feature.
    Search the forums for that, there’re some threads about it.
    However I found GI alone to be too boring as ambient light usually has a cooler temperature.

  2. You can place a (/another) directional light.
    No shadows, less intense, blueish or something similar.

Both together are working fine for me.

Would it work to add a bit of illumination to the materials used, or would it look wrong?

jbjhjm and HavocX;

Those are not the proper ways to do this. Dynamic GI will be in the future but it is not ready yet.

jbjhjm, how exactly are you setting up Skylight or post process that they are not working?

In a postprocess volume make sure you enable Unbound setting and plug a ambient cubemap texture. By default you wont get any of the Engine cubemap textures. So you need to check Show Engine Content (Click View Options).

Once you do that you can use any of the TextureCubemaps.

Make sure you have a PostProcessVolume that has Unbound checked (global)

Then under it’s properties the last tab is** Global Illumination**, under this tab you can change the color and intensity of Indirect Lighting.

Is there a way to do Ambient Color without Cubemap and PostProcess?
In Unity it was just Color. It is easier and faster on mobiles.

Yes I have the feeling that skylight and post proces are both quite GPU intensive. Ambient color really is just one instruction on the GPU, should not be so difficult. Oh well, I only have a few materials in my scene. i might just add 0.1 emissive to the materials.