How to set a top speed for a Simple Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component?

Hey guys,

I’ve been building my own vehicle using the Simple Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component since my vehicle uses more than 4 wheels (8 in total). I’ve managed to set it up so that the vehicle moves forward and can turn and the functionality works and is there. However, the vehicle lacks a top speed. I don’t have access to gear-change timing and other nuanced variables like are present in the UE4 sample vehicle blueprint and I’m at a loss in how to implement a top speed into my blueprint. I’ve tried getting the vector length and using that to change velocity but I couldn’t get that to work, I’ve tried implementing a branch that applies different floats to the drive torque of the wheels depending on the velocity of the vehicle but I couldn’t get that to take either. I cant seem to find much documentation out there for this particular movement component and it has me stumped :confused:

I’ve included screenshots of my functional forward input event and my current BP hierarchy for you guys to check out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Late reply but i figured this out last night and it might help anyone else that googles this.

Here im getting the current speed of the vehicle, and storing it in a variable from a function on the car. Mines a string, because i use that for a in-game speedometer, but you could use an Int.

From here, im checking what that varible is. If its above my threshold, i set the Drive Torque to 1, otherwise i let it accelerate. For your blueprint, id just use the “ForLoop” node, and set you indexs to match all 8 tires (you would do 0-7)
Im not totally confident thats the “right” way, but it works well enough.

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Thank you, i looking long enough for my n-wheeled vehicle’s