How to set a timed action after game is killed?

I’m working on a mobile game which needs the ‘lives’ to be reset one day later.
Now if I were doing right native on Android, I’d just use the AlarmManager API, but how can I achieve that using Blueprints? More on, how do I add cross-platform compatibility.

This is kind of the cycle:

  1. User gets killed, life gone
  2. User launches the game one day later and then the life is restored

This should be strong, as I won’t want the user to change his phone’s time and get the life. Also, I’m experienced in Android and iOS development and hence, I’d be fine writing some native code, like using some AlarmManager and then using a BroadcastReceiver or something like that. But how do I add this native code, and if I don’t have to add the native code, then how am I supposed to schedule the alarms? (I am also fine with using C++, learnt that a lot)

Thanking you,

Has anyone run into the same issue?

You can use a delay on the character and set a time so when det delay is over the HP vwill go to 100%

Can you guide me to do so?