How to set a single value in a vector (Ie Set Y to 500 but keep others constant)

Hi Guys,

Pulling my hair out over this one as I’m used to Unity:

Unity Example:

//Create Original Vector Variable
transform.position = (0,0,0)    
//Create out target Vector that we want to move to    
 Vector3 target = transform.position;    
//Set X variable to 50   
 target.x = 50.0f;   
//We changed x to 50, and set the new value, but the other values (Y,Z) remain constant
 transform.position = target;

So now our own transform.position = (50,0,0)

See this is what I tried to do initially, by getting the Y value of our Target and creating a vector out of it, I’ve tried a few other methods and I know this doesn’t work because pulling the Y value to a vector sets all 3 vectors to the same value for some reason.

Any ideas on how I can do this? I’m just trying to lerp between three different points while the object is constantly moving forward, but I want to keep my X and Z values from changing.

Try using a Make Vector, like this:

Thanks it worked! Saved me a lot of stress haha, I was over-complicating everything.