How to set a Double/Wall Jump Animation

Hi all
I’ve made a animation for my Paper2D character and have the code to allow for a wall jump and double jump already in the game.
The problem I have is changing the animation when my character completes his second jump. I’m quite new to Game Dev but I have an idea it’s because im using the character movement component for my jump and fall so it wont allow the change of animation. Again I don’t know thats just my best guess.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you


you should take a look how anim montages works!
This super usefull thing is actually combined animations and can be played any time…

If you play an anim montage animbp will blend to animmontage… if animmontage ends animbp will blend back to your active anim state and current animation :slight_smile:

Here is the doc for anim montage:

but im sure you can find lot more how to play an anim montage

Thank you for your quick response!
I’ve had a little time to sit down a look at AnimMontage but i don’t think this will work for this specific project due to it’s use of Skeletons whereas my assets are just Paper2D Sprites and Flipbooks :confused:
Any other suggestions?