How to set a boolean in a level from a widget

hi I am having trouble figuring out how to set a boolean in a level from after clicking a button on a widget. how can i do this? an event dispatcher maybe? any help would be awesome thanks in advance

What exactly do you mean by “boolean in a level”? A boolean in the level blueprint?
Regardless, to start when you place a button look in the details panel on the right under Events you can add an onClicked event that will trigger whatever you want when the button is clicked. From there it’s just a matter of accessing the boolean you want. If it’s in the level blueprint its a bit complicated as you cannot get the level blueprint directly from another blueprint as far as I know.

If you create the boolean on your player blueprint then on your widget after the player clicks the button cast it to the player charicter, then on your level blueprint you can cast again to the character and off the blue ‘as … character’ type in get (your boolean) then a branch and what ever you want to do.

maybe instead of using the level blueprint i should make an actor that does the same things and cast to it from the widget to set what booleans i would have there? sound good?

Yeah that would work just remember to cast to the actor to set it

thank you!!

If this worked mark my comment as the answer for other people so they know this is the solution