How to set 2D character's flipbook in level blueprint?

I need to create a cinematic scene in my game where the player falls out of a plane and on their face. However, I am unaware of how to set the flipbook for the character. Here’s why;

The way I want to do this is to have a static character with a box collision component and no graphics whatsoever.
When the player overlaps the box component, it sets the flipbook. This is how I set up the transition to the level where you fall out of your transport helicopter from the interior helicopter, a box collision overlap.

However, the issue is that you cannot seem to set the flipbook from this static character’s blueprint, nor get any working references to variables, so how could I go about creating a cinematic that only happens when spawning in the level for the first time and most importantly from that position that involves setting flipbooks?
Could really use some help.

Can you clarify a little.
You trying to Set Flipbook on an actor after the player triggers Overlap event on it’s box collision? If it’s only this, then it works. Maybe I missed something. Can you show screenshots of your blueprints?

I want to Set Flipbook on my character after it triggers an overlapping event.
I don’t plan for the box collision to trigger the event to have any sort of special things in its blueprint. Just a normal Event beginoverlap.

If (in the box collision trigger) you turn off context sensitive while working in the blueprint, you can get set flipbook, but it seems it doesn’t know who the flipbook is supposed to be set to. I tried casting to the player and everything. Nothing worked.

Is this what I want to do? That doesn’t work either.

Sorry for late reply, if you still having this issue, could you tell me if cast doesn’t fail and what is the result in return value of SetFlipbook
Edit: Just tried same setup as yours without issue. Just in case do you cast to correct blueprint?