How to Serialize UTextureRenderTarget2D?

I am trying to save Images( UTextureRenderTarget2D ) to hard drive. I am generating them in game and use as pictures of Items in inventory. How me to save/load them. Nothing is helping now. Image.Serialize() and using of FArchive ( from forum suggestions ) allowed to store UTextureRenderTarget2D as binary file and even load it back to binary array ( TArray ), but no options helped me to convert this array back to UTextureRenderTarget2D.At least I would like to know how to save generated images and load them back ( UTexture2D will be fine also). — example of similar operation in Unity3D – This helps me. But if you will do same, I mast say, that you can get ColorBuffer from UTextureRenderTarget only if it is was created in Content Browser. I wasn’t able to read ColorBuffer from constructed from code UTextureRenderTarget properly. Only ClearColor was read;