How to seperate the same ports of different projects when I use pixel streaming

Hi, guys. I am trying pixel streaming to do multiple full stacks with matchmaking, like this:

I run two UE projects on one laptop, but these two projects have the same live link port 11111, I don’t find some ways to change the live link port for each projects. (I want these two projects to receive different live link data, so that each face of each project can have their own face expression.)

So I wonder if pixel streaming has some functions to help me seperate the same port for each proejcts when I run on the same laptop? This is just a guess, because it confused me for a long time. And even though I can change the live link port, if there are 100 projects need to run, it is ridiculous to start 100 different ports manually.

Can anyone know how to do that? Any response will be appreciated, thank you so much!