How to seperate a composite blueprint into individual meshes once it's in level?

Ok, so i have a composite blueprint created from many meshes that i have added to my level. I would now like to seperate that collection of meshes into static meshes so that I can arrange them slightly differently. How do I do this?

If this isn’t possible, then what is the current workflow for importing groups of meshes that need to be instanced multiple times across a level?

for example, lets say I have a dinner table, with chairs, cups, plates etc etc… I don’t want to build that each time i want to place it in a level. I also don’t want to have to build it for each different level it appears in. In UE3 I would create a prefab of these then convert that back to static meshes once in game. I assumed that I would be able to do the same with Composite Blueprints… but it appears I may have been mistaken.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone? (sorry for bump but it had like 1 view in 4 days)