How to separate mannequin's head from the body in Maya and export it to UE?

Hi. I’m trying to connect mannequin body with metahuman head. When I separate or delete head mesh in Maya and export skeletal mesh to UE I’m getting an error “Can’t detect import type. No mesh is found or animation track.” Could You help me with it? (4-27)

I don’t know if you can just outright delete a portion of a mesh that’s been bound to a skeleton without issues.

Best way to handle it would be to import the mannequin into an empty maya scene, delete all history and then delete the skeleton.

After that you can select the faces of the head and delete them, then import that newly unbound mesh without the head into a scene with the mannequin that’s still rigged.

Bind the new mesh to the skeleton, copy the skin weights from the mannequin w/head to the mannequin without.

Unbind the original, delete, and then export. You should be good to go. =)

You can. You aren’t deleting bones.

Generally I use blender.
It’s filmed on this.

The import/export from Maya are likely what is causing the issue.
You’ll need to check what export settings it’s using.

Good to know then. I had generally avoided doing that since earlier versions of Maya gave me issues with skin weights. =P