How to sent an email

Is there a way to send an email from blueprints?

Maybe I can describe an Intent for Android and let Android handle it? Currently want it to be working in Android.


You can try to use the “Launch URL” node to open a web page you created that allows the player to submit their email address so they can receive your emails.

If you don’t want to open a browser but want the player to be able to open your website (where you can send the email) directly in your game I suggest this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Web Browser - YouTube

or use VaRest to send the form data (invisibly to the player) to the website which then instead of responding with html just uses the request parameters to create the email and then sends it.

Thank you. Good options. But, that’s not really what I need. I want to send emails from android by something like “creating” intent with information. Interesting if this is possible. “Launch URL” works good for Mac OS, but not android.

yes, but how to do it with VaRest?