How to send variables from character to animation blueprint with interface properly?

Hi. I trying to send variables from my character BP to AnimBP. I know, that I shouldn’t use cast for that, because I will call it every frame. So I decided to use interfaces. For now, I created interface, implemented it to character and anim bp’s, but I don’t know how to use it. My interface implementation in AnimBP:

My AnimBP:

My Character BP:

Try this

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I made this:
Character BP:


But I’m not sure about event tick. Is this right to use it, or I’m doing something wrong?

Instead of using event tick, you can use such hack
Set timer by event from begin play event

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But if I using this event constantly, I need to send message to interface, when I toggle evade, isn’t it?
For now, I using this in character bp and seems like it working well.

The same as for event tick. This approach allows making operation as often as it needed, event tick fires each frame