How to send store array in Map location

You have to do this as a structure. Make the first structure an array of vectors and call it something like ‘Vector Array’. Then make a structure which is an array of Vector Array.

EDIT: You could at the point make a map of vector arrays using an integer, but it would be a lot easier to make an array of vector arrays :wink:

I am trying to store array of vectors in map but i don’t understand how it is possible

suppose if i want to get value of Key 0 - it should give out array of vectors

please let me know if there are any other solutions


There’s nothing to it:

  1. make a structure, the only thing in that structure is an array of vector

  2. make a variable in your BP, which is an array of your new structure

This is about structures:

Make a struct like this:


Only put on thing in it, array of vector.

Can you please expand it