How to send money from game?

Like 8 ball pool game, can we create a game like that where players can play matches with money and if they win, they can transfer money from game to their account? Does this possible? Please help. I want to make a multi-player game third person template.

I would watch out as UE4 EULA restrictions use of engine gambling games, here how it is worded:

You may not engage in any activity with respect to the Licensed Technology, including as incorporated into a Product,(1) for any gambling-related activities or Products (as defined by law in the jurisdiction of use)

As with issue at hand, you would need to seek 3rd party service that would handle that or make your own with some online bank. Keep in mind those services may also have restrictions for this kind of serives, read EULAs on anything you plan to use

Those kidn of services usally operate under HTTP APIs, so read how to make HTTP requests, there laso VaRest plugin for blueprint use, but in your place isince it involves moeny would stick with C++ due ot security reasons. Epic have a policy to not implement file io and networking, just to avoid any security exploit potential.

But again firts make sure you 100% can use UE4 legally for what you planing to do (maybe make separate quastion in “Legal” category). And alos keep in mind that you probably need to do region locking on your game as in not every country this game will be legal. There really lot of risks so you should take legality seriously.