How to send event from server to clients?

I’m trying to create simple counter - 3, 2, 1 - PLAY and after that every Player Controller connected can play, but I’ve a problem with doing that. I will be grateful if someone can point me out how to do something like this.

My problem is that I have different Game State for every Player Controller :expressionless:

I’m really newbie about replication in UE4 with blueprints so if someone have time to explain me this example will be grateful!

Hi there intoxicat3! Have you looked at this post about basics of replication in blueprints?


Add an integer to the Game State and set it to be replicated. Have a timer started only on the server (so maybe have Event Begin Play call Start Timer if the BP Has Authority) decrement this integer every 1 second. Also create a Custom Event that is replicated reliable NetMulticast. When the timer reaches 0 on your server side bp (has authority), have that custom event (which everyone will run) iterate over all player controllers, calling Is Locally Controlled on each controller. If that controller is locally controlled, then let that player know they can start.

Thanks guys!

This is working for me - the timeline for speed should be done in separate event which isn’t replicated.