How to send bool value from Actor BP to Anim BP? Communicate

hi.everybody.I want to make that snowman is growing ,when i press G key in other Actor Blueprint. no character or no pawn. only works in actor.

Thus i made that cast to animation blueprint’s bool value from Actor BP. but it doesn’t works

How can i manage bool value in animation Blueprint?
i have nothing to do with from Actor BP to Anim BP / from Anim BP to Actor BP.
thx for read my thread and if you have solution of this,
I really wish and appriciate to attach with blueprint pictures.

Have you made sure that your “box” mesh have that animblueprint assigned? If not then that cast will always return fail. Also if the “box” has that animblueprint assigned make sure you make the “Que” variable public (turn on that little eye icon next to the var name) to be able to acces it.

To change variables to an anim blueprint, the best way for me is to get the values from within the anim blueprint instead of casting to it from outside.

If you’re using an actor blueprint and you can’t access it from the animblueprint itself, you can save a variable when pressing/releasing G to (for example) the player controller. And then from the anim blueprint get player controller -> cast to (you player controller class) and from there access that saved variable and set that variable to be the new value for your “Que” var.

Hope this helps.