How to send audio from a remote device to UE4 when using Pixel Streaming?

Pixel Streaming is a very cool UE4 feature, and we’re starting using it despite it has several bugs (we’re fixing them on our side, e.g. this one).
It works pretty much well for streaming the game’s video and audio, and we succeeded in controlling it with a smartphone.

There’re a lot of events already supported: mouse, keyboard, touch, stream control and UI interaction events for UI custom events.
Unfortunately there’s nothing about sending audio stream from the remote device to UE4 (e.g. for creating a voicechat service inside of the game). Do you plan to add this kind of support in future releases of the plugin? Is there something we can already use for allowing remote users to send their voice? (I can record and send audio files, but the user experience wouldn’t be so good as having an audio stream).

Greetings. I was just thinking that it would be great if you could control the pixel stream via smartphone. Especially interested if I could control the camera via gyro/compass from my smartphone. What did you manage to control with the smartphone? Any news on the audio stream?