How to select individual static meshes in a construction BP

This is probably a beginner question but is it possible to selects individual static meshes in a blueprint and if so how?
I am creating blueprints for faster placing of assets in level. Random generators and building tools, but i would like to be able to swap out the base meshes for others as I go by selecting the mesh I want to swap and switch.
I hope this is possible

Do you mean like this?

You can use this drop-down menu to change the static mesh currently used at any time in the Components tab of a blueprint, nothing will break so long as you do not rename the component, the mesh name does not matter. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering DotCam. it´s not exactly what I am looking for, the blueprints i am making have a multitude of static meshes that i want to be able to change in the editor i would be slow having to locate the specefic mesh in the details window for every swap


as you can see when I try to select a specific wall I selects all of them making it hard to swap out a specific wall
Example would be when dragging out a procedural wall made from several meshes i want to change one of the walls into a wall with a door or a window

Considering your picture, you may have misunderstood Dotcam : He is talking about the components tab in your items blueprint, not in the level blueprint. On the top left you have the list of all your components and by selecting one then you have in the details the ability to change the mesh as in Dotcam picture

That part there is going to be very difficult to solve properly withing the construction script, you could possibly implement a blueprint that allows you to choose between a few different types of wall, and then use the construction script to spawn multiple instances of them.

For example you would have a default panel type blueprint that can display one of 5 panel types for example) and then in the spawner blueprint each time a new section is added, it goes into an array. then using a “Wall Type” enum to switch between the types, and then publicly expose the variable for that section. This way you will end up with a list of all the sections and wall type in the Details panel of the blueprint, where you can change the setting to use a different mesh for mesh 0 or mesh 8 etc.

Does that make sense?

Thanks DotCam yeah that makes perfect sense, and that´s what i thought i would end up having to do, the problem is that i would like to make a procedural building creation blueprint and with the amount of walls that will make up a building that list is going to be rather extensive.
I have seen some examples of procedural building blueprints and thought that they seemed a bit limited in regards to changing the overall buildings feel. I would like to be able to change the individual parts so that if i want an section of the building to have a balcony or be ruined i would be able to choose where exactly by replacing specific meshes
It seems a bit odd that it isn´t possible to select items in a blueprint in the editor I thought I just missed something clear as day.
I will try out you´re method DotCam Tanks again

I’m glad it made sense, just read my post again and it’s a mess, sorry I wrote it rather quickly… :eek:

I would also like a BP with these options so if you run into any issues let me know, I’ll give it a try on my end as well! :slight_smile: