How to select (in blueprint) multiple of actors from scene?

Hey, What I need to do is to select/find multiple of object(blueprints) on scene and for example hide them all.
I tried do it with tags, folders(in outliner) or layers, but it’s not working (or what is more possible I’m doing it wrong).

I’d use the Get All Actors of Class Node.

You can choose the class of actors you want to have and get an array of all of those actors in the scene.

When you have them, you can further differentiate between them using tags, variables, etc.

Thanks, yes, and after that ->ForEachLoop, but how to change open/default var in those selected actors/blueprints?

Get All Actors of Class to get them. If you were wanting to change some kind of value within each one, you can do a Get or a ForEachLoop and get a specific actor, then you can do a Cast to [class name of actor in question] and plug in the actor you got from the Get All Actors of Class node for the target input. From there you’ll have access to any editable variables/functions/events within it. You can even use Get Primitive Component from the cast node, and plug that into a Cast To Primitive Component node. That gives you access to primitive attributes like physics, gravity, etc.

You could even do all of that from a ForEachLoop from the initial Get All Actors of Class node if you were wanting to apply some effect or change to all of them at once. Otherwise, you can use whatever parameters you need to get specific items and apply your changes/updates.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you wanting to see each actor or something?

Use a Get All Actors of Class node. Plug the array into a ForEachLoop. From there execute a Set Visibility node (or something like that; whatever you need) and plug the Array Element from the ForEachLoop into its target. That’ll apply that effect to every item of the class you got

In my case i cant even see this “AfterLoop” log, why?

Hmm all I want is to select every objects with tag “set1” from scene and do somethink with them, for example scale to 0, or just make invisible.

Hey man, it;s working, All i need to do was to select “Actor” from the list in GetAllActorsOfClass node. Thanks :slight_smile:

I assume you have your objects on the map.

If so, you can just add a variable to the blueprint and make it editable (maybe you also need to tick ‘expose on spawn’). When you did this, you can select the actors on the map and edit their variables in the ‘Details’ Tab.

Hey, true, but how to change this exposed value from other blueprint?

Once you got that actor reference from that ForEachLoop you can drag from this blue point and just type the name of your variable. Then the nodes get filtered, so that you can choose a SetYourVariable-Node and a GetYourVariable-Node.

No problem! Go ahead and mark the answer as accepted for anyone who may stumble upon it.

why this Actor Class list doesnt have StaticMeshActor class listed?