How to select exported .fbx mesh by "element"?

I have a crate that is made up of 6 “elements”, as that’s what they’re called in 3DS Max.

But when I import the object into Unreal 4.24.1, I can’t figure out how to select by element, as the entire create is selected instead.

I’m trying to get it so that the crate is destructible (sides fly out in all directions when shot at, etc.) so how would I go about that if I can’t individually select each side?


Anyone? I feel like I’m the only person not getting answered on these forums. Are my questions really that dumb?

When the object is exported as a single static mesh, they are all merged as one object (though vertices aren’t welded, so you can do some funky stuff with vertex shaders). You cannot split them my just selecting and moving them like that, UE doesn’t have elements. 1 model is one single, static mesh. You have to either import them as 6 separate objects (or 1 side that you combine together 6 times to save resources), or get into more advanced shaders. Another alternative is also making it a skeletal mesh with bones, but that’s probably not resource efficient.

There’s tons of guides for destructible meshes, maybe have a look at some of those?

Thanks, enabled the APEX plugin, but have had nothing but issues.

Firstly, the view-port is pitch black. Can’t see anything and apparently there is no fix? Seriously?

And also when I click “fracture mesh” the entire asset just… vanishes. When I drag it into the scene it also vanishes as soon as it collides with the ground. Why?