How to select between Idles, right way

What’s the best way to select between like animations for variety?

There are tons of examples to setup a blendspace from Idle, to Walk, to Run. How should this be modified so each of those animations is variable?

So if there are 2 different Idle animations the Blendspace would have a variable that told it which Idle animation to use.

Is this possible, or does there need to be a separate Blendspace for every option of Animations to be blended, and then a separate StateMachine to choose which blendspace to use. That doesn’t sound right, because larger games are going to want a variety of animations used, not just 1 Idle, 1 walk etc.

I ended up using a Montage. On the AnimBlueprint event graph, I check if speed is near zero, and a bool form the character if it should crouch, and if so play the crouching Montage if it’s not already. It would probably not be the right way to do it if there were a lot of animations.