How to select an actor from position on rendered screen space?

I’m passing references to actors, to the character class, and using GetLastRenderTime() to find which ones are on screen. It would be great to give the player control over which of those to select, via what the third-person camera is centered on. Can anyone give some advice on how to do that? Many thanks!

Edit: I guess one thing I could do is use GetLastRenderTime() to get references to all the other objects on screen, and then do a single line trace for objects that ignores all of the objects that are on screen but not in the active set. However, that seems like it would lead to the player needing to be super-precise with the camera.

Edit: Oops, just found capsule trace etc…

Here’s a link for finding rendered objects;

Here’s a function to go from world space to screen space;

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Would you mind adding a link to the other question you found?


I’ve added the first one I found. The second one I closed the window, will post tomorrow after I’ve gone through my browser history…