How to select a pawn before the game starts?

Hello, I have a problem where I want to choose by code which pawn must be selected before the game starts.


in case he comes with this olaf already in the beginning, and wanted that when the game started he would hit the boy but it is not working.


Sorry for English, it’s not my native language. Thank you!

You can also try to override behavior of default system, by overriding function in GameMode, like Spawn Default Actor. But no body force you to use default spawn system, you can set default pawn to none, spawn actor manually and possess that actor manually.

If I am correct you are wanting to change the default pawn class for the game mode? One method would be to setup an entry level which just contains a menu where you choose the class that will be used in the level you are loading. Another option would be to have the game start normally and then just pause the game on event play. Then you could have the player choose their pawn class at this point while the game is paused. Then spawn the selected pawn class and manually possess it. In this case you could leave the default pawn class empty.

i think i had something like setting the default pawn working at one time but it involves setting a variable in the game instance and having a separate game mode for the main menu screen. so it should be possible.

Thank you! Now I can insert one of the characters, but their settings are not being inserted.

The blueprint of the character “olaf” is set to make a jump. but it is not working


Thanks for the help solving the problem. With this link here

He had to dispossess the object. and I did not know I had to do it.

You sould spawn actor in gamemode class, why it’s not jumping i don’t know, check if change of things made skip some of your code or something.