How to select a character on screen to rotate with mouse

I’m making a character creator and I would like to let the player click on the preview character model so they can rotate her. I’ve tried to do this with the following Blueprint but I’m not getting any feedback whatsoever. What would be a good way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

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I do not see any [cursor over (mesh)] object informing which mesh to rotate. The rest seems logical… Is Player Controller somehow connected to the [cursor over (mesh)] nodes? (edit) Touched Component needs something.

What could I put in Touched Component?

The Mesh I wish to rotate is the Mesh of this Blueprint. Am I going about this the wrong way?

From my experience… I see ‘self’ would mean the Blueprint is on the Player object? Which would mean it should know what object you want. I can’t see ‘Player Controller’ anywhere else in that Blueprint. So wondering what it is.

What about just this one part? I’m not getting my PrintString when I hover over the Mesh. Anyone know why that may be?

Do you see any Print messages appear? ‘cursor over’ or ‘no cursor’?

No messages at all. Enable Mouse Over Events is enabled in the Player Controller, so I don’t know why I’m not getting any messages.

I figured out how to get the basic effect I wanted. I put this in the Player Controller rather than the Character Blueprint. I still can’t figure out why I’m not getting any Cursor Over/Hover feedback, but maybe I should look at like a Strategy Game tutorial or something like that to figure out what that’s all about. If anyone knows why I’m not getting Cursor Over feedback, I’d appreciate the info, but I think this is good enough for my goal.

Are you using the left mouse button for anything else in that level? Maybe for clicking in the UI? I see in the manual that Consume Input option would take all left clicks and use them no matter what you left click.

Taken from Unreal Docs

(I did look up Player Controller in the end)

Plus I would find a suitable ‘self’ node and use that for the Touched Component, on both hover over and mouse left mesh. Reference to self. From the manual using Player Controller for something as simple rotation for a player is over kill. Sorry if it didn’t work.

That is a good point. Yes, it looks like left click still drags the character no matter where the play is in this level. I could add a branch Boolean to make sure they are in the correct screen and reset the position when going back to the character creator. Good catch!

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