How to see the difference between two revision of git for Blueprint?

how to see the difference between two revision of git for Blueprint? is there any official tool?

That’s rather hard, first thought would be comparing the file size.

If I remember right, you can’t (unlike code) compare it next to each other.

One pro point of coding :male_detective::sweat_smile:

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File → Diff →

Epic were working on a BP-Text-Save option 2/3 years ago (experimental). Ping me to try and find the link (or go look in Roadmap / 4.27 / EA5 release notes) and see if they finished it. Either way the fact Nativization is being removed and Verse is being added, probably means there will be an interchangeable-text-format coming to BP soon or at some stage. :wink:

The conventional side-by-side UE4 DIFF Tool is tricky to use most of the time and is also very slow. So unless Epic have greatly improved it you’ll lose your mind trying to use that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use it regularly, it’s not amazing but it does its job if you want to look at how you had the blueprint before you mess it up

Wasn’t this another one of those crazy over the top full of lies announcements that they make for publicity to fight off the evil of Unity who actually does implement things correctly making them literally look like chumps?
Yep. It was.

They were saying “oh it will be so cool, you’ll be able to rewind blueprints in time or recover after a crash”.

At the time I though, well, your darn engine sure crashes enough that this would be really useful, but also thought nothing of it.

And sure enough, about a thousand crashes and 2 engine versions later the option is
nowhere to be found :laughing:

Well, it is a tool to look at changes in the blueprints, not the magic wand of Harry Potter, for zero euros it is fine.


It’s not 0 euros when it’s costing you more than thousands in development and issues…

It’s a basic tool.
I do agree it works alright, it’s just not even remotely comparable to what other engines or diff on CPP offers.

And more to the point, its not at all what we were all told would be added into the engine…
If they hadn’t made grandiose claims of fakeness this wouldn’t be a problem. Since they did. It is.
Someone should hold epic accountable for its BS. If we do not, then the trend they are on will only get worse.

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Technically Epic is >= 40% owned by the reds and the overlords there are kicking billionaire tech a$$ right now. So if anyone can bring humility (fear) to Epic execs maybe they can, who knows. Meanwhile, anyone up for one hour a year gaming and manning up for war?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Took some deciphering.

Essentially, Epic has already done the worst things it could do to upset even modern day saints.

Overall, remember that we are still talking about a company that sues minors to literally make them cry on their YouTube channel for using hacks,
While on the other they literally hack other games stuff to make piles of cash off other people’s ideas.

Tencent owning 40% is hardly worth mentioning at this point.

And Epic may have a point with some of the law suits it sparked off.

But more to the point of the topic.

“false advertising” engine features on their live streams has become a constant…

Case and point being this rather phantomatic system to deal with engine crashes…