How to see latest started threads on new forums ?

So in the other forums you could see your started threads but I don-t see how anymore help ?

If you’re looking for new posts on forums then you can use New topics button

If you’re rather interested in your own posts, there is a collection of links to started threads/discussions and etc in your profile in **About **tab

New Topics does not appear for me:-(

Makes no sense


That’s not a thing.

Maybe only some people see the New Posts button?

Hm, that’s really weird. I see this button even after logging out, but it’s called **Today’s posts **
If I was able to get 2 different states for this button it’s possible that there is a third state - absence of the button.
I will send this issue to Epic

That is because you are looking in the wrong place. THe only place that shows up now is INSIDE a forum. Not at the top level. You can’t just hit the old “new posts” and get ALL NEW POSTS across the forum(S) plural. You can only click into each sub-forum and get the new ones for that area.

I have tried manipulating the query for the “new posts” and I can not get it to return a master for ALL FORUMS. #LAME

wow thanks guys unreal has the best community ever, another question if possible, I got to the option to create a signature, and I had a signature BUT, I don’t see the way to do signature no more. Atleast something similar i want to promote some things lol, tim sweeeney didn’t probably like them? haha

**Joviex **It does show up on the main page as well. At least for me. And search results are from all the forums.

It is there now!!!

Appears to have been fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you to whoever fixed it :thumbs_up:

Guys help how to edit now the signature?

Go to Settings -> Account and there in the middle, click on the blue hyperlink "Edit Post Signature’

thank you so much rombauts