How to see inside .uexp files?

Hey fellas,

I have unpacked .pak files with this base64 file code.

After that, I got the .ubulk, .umap, .uexp and .uasset files.

I easily open .uasset files with Asset Editor (if it is Text Based) or with UE Viewer if its Texture 2d or 3d model.

The first problem I’m having right now is that I can’t open .ubulk, .umap, .uexp files.

I couldn’t open these files with UE4 4.26, I have tried other versions too but no answer.

The second problem is that I can’t find the imporant datas.

For example I found the crafting items with little datas and textures, found the quests and rewards, found the NPCs and some MOBs with only 3d model, found the Item PNGs but that’s all and Item ID’s.

Especially I want to see the data of the Items.

For example there is an item called Arch Sword;

ID: 12611000
Name: Arch Sword
Weapon FX: Sparks, Smoke, Lightning, base color, amissive etc.

But I can’t see the details of;
Damage for +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8
Does this item has poison damage or flame or lightning damage? Can’t find that info too.
Which mob drops this item and with which percent?

This details are so important for me. I do not know if these details are in .uexp files. I can’t open these too.

The name of the game is Rise Online. It’s an MMORPG game.

Can somebody help me with these? I shared the base64 code at the beginning of the topic. I didn’t want to write or open a topic at first because I didn’t want to people spend time for answering me. But for 7 days I’m working for this day n night and I’m not a programmer or editor or etc. Just a guy with super curiosity. Thanks everyone. Waiting your helps.

Come on guys, I’m really in a big problem.


following, same problem can’t import uexp files

have you found the solution?

Did you find any solution ?
i guess i found ubulk files mean
i unchecked the " generate mesh distance field "
and ubulk files are gone
but im still wondering what the the inside of “uexp” file