How to see if a series of triggers has been activated is a set order

Hi - I want the player to collect 5 random objects and the random objects must be collected in a particular sequence or order. Is there any tutorial to do this or is there any blueprint node that I should check or search for ? I’d like to have the setup easily modified if I decided to add extra ‘pick up’ objects into my environment.

Hi , man , here is a working example.
When you pick up an object, you set an array with the object in the right place.
I have used an array of string , but you can use any array.(you can store reference or Actors or stuff…)

This blueprint check
if the “first” pickedup object is == of the one in the list at the “first” so we count +1 right object
if the " 2° " picked up object is == to the one in the list at the " 2° " we keep counting.

At the end of the match. we check if the
Number of the object pickedup , lets say 3
is == to the number of objects that match. if yes , you have a perfect list , otherwise at least 1 object is wrong.

Thanks very much - really appreciate your help.

If its ok , tap the “is correct answer button”, it will help all to find the right stuff :slight_smile: