How to seamlessly loop audio? (Music & Ambience)

Not as far as I know. I think you’d have to write a blueprint to control the process if you want some sort of random overlay thing going on…

EDIT: Seamless looping ( connecting the end to the start ) is totally inaudible if done properly.

Not looking for randomness, just a way to have clean audio tracks that loop with respect to margins. I’ll leave this question open, as this is an UE-question and not about asset making.

Looking for a way to specify / work with fade in- and out-durations for looped audio.
My ambience sound clips have those, and right now you can hear it. As I also want my music to play seamlessly, I don’t want it to wait that 1 - 5 seconds of barely audible reverb at the end before it loops again. Common sense tells me there’s an option to do this sensibly somewhere but I can’t seem to find it - where is it, and if it doesn’t exist, how should this be dealt with?

Do you mean as in mix in the end to the front? That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. The ambience sounds I have recorded sound perfect when they overlay slightly during looping, and for the first instance of music it could have a loop that doesn’t have the… end mixed in, but this seems awfully convoluted. Is there really no way to indicate transition periods for audio loops inside UE?

You have to make the audio loopable using an external package, like Audacity, then just click the ‘loop’ button in the wav details.

UE5 does this easily.

Late to the question, but anyone who have not figured it out yet:

  1. Create a Sound Cue.
  2. Drag in the Sound Wave file.
  3. You will see a Wave Player object
  4. Click on that object and on the details panel you’ll see a looping boolean-


In UE it is easy to loop a sound, as what is posted by Gobli989 above.

To make the sound loop SEAMLESSLY, the crossfade effect do a very good work for me. I have not find an obvious way to do this in UE, but it can be easily done with assistance of other free software like Audacity. There are some articles introduce such topics, I reference here How to make a seamless loop in Audacity - Game Dev Beginner .