How to sculpt with materials


I was wondering how one creates terrain with his own or existing materials. The tutorial explain how to sculpt then paint, but I’d rather creates landscapes with pre-defined materials for immediate visual feedback. And I’m having a rather difficult time finding the answer in the documentation.

I have worked with Blender for a little bit, and there you seem to have to sculpt, texture and apply materials to multiple sides of a single objects which i found to be insanely dreadful.
Anyway in the following link the designer seems to be able to instantly sculpt with materials applied.
Where do i find the needed documentation on how to achieve this, and understand the UE4 on a deeper level?

You need to make and edit a landscape material. There are tutorials for this, but landscape materials can get quite complex.

Take a look at the vehcile sample from the marketplace (in the learn) tab. There you can find such a material :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try it out.

Its probably most efficient to reverse engineer existing materials and learn from that as you pointed out 5347.