How to scale UMG resolution to newer longer phones?

I am making a landscape-orientation game and am having trouble figuring out how I can scale the game viewport to newer mobile resolutions.

For example, a res like 1920x1080 (most phones; 16:9) is far different from 2960x1440 (pixel 3; 18.5:9).

When I adjust the DPI to amend this, it obviously expands the height (landscape-wise) beyond the bounds of the viewport.

Recommendations for proper scaling or working around this issue?

Basically, wrap your whole UMG in a scale box.

As long as you have all the internal components setup in a sensible way, this should do the trick.

If anyone has any more optimal answers, post them here! For now, though, I can write out my workarounds:

I made the most efficient use of anchors in my game as possible (documentation here).

I essentially used the CENTER anchor on the widgets that would normally be meant to fill a 16:9 space, and used anchors on other widgets within Canvas Panels at the top of the hierarchy in the UMG relative to where I wanted them to appear on the screen. This allowed for the 18.5:9 ratio to at least display the 16:9-designed widgets in a fashion to where they were centered, so you could play the game on the 18.5:9 but as if it were 16:9 (all the more room for thumbs). I reduced the camera aspect ratio then, so the space on the right and left sides not covered by the 16:9-designed widgets would instead be replaced by black bars (up to you; you may or may not have an image designed for filling a 16:9 space). As for those other anchored widgets, they will still make efficient use of the extra space on the 18.5:9 viewport (in my case, overlapping those black bars in some circumstances).

My general advice is just to play around with anchoring and optimize your UMG with them as much as possible.

Worthy of note, however, is there is yet still no solution to be found for adjusting offset of virtual joysticks in Touch Interfaces dependent on resolution (if anyone has a suggestion or an answer for that, leave it here for future visitors!).

This would be to the same effect of a fullscreen anchor; it would merely stretch widgets out. Sure, it could work, but it would render the game fairly unplayable.