How to scale text in widget

Hello unrealers,

I’m trying to scale text inside a widget by a scale box. But the text scales weird. Every text should remain the same size. Could someone please point me in a direction where i can achieve my goal?
Thanks in advance


Why don’t you just use smaller/bigger font? Any reasons for that? Are you trying to automatically scale the text to avoid overlapping/clipped messages?

edit: originally I though you’re trying to pull off something fancy like text autoscaling but if you’re just after a standard setup, this should work:


Thanks for your help. Sorry for beeing unclear.
What I’m trying to achieve is a text scaling so my text doesn’t clip out and my widget looks the same independent of my widget resolution. What my current setup does is filling up the space the text box has with an increase/decrease in font size. So if my UnitName is Human, that text would have a higher font size than HumanoidRobotOfDestruction (<- this gets scaled down to fit in).
My goal is to “scale” the text size but remain the font size the same. If my widget is 1/4 of the size from my WidgetEditor i also want the text to be 1/4 the size. At firs, I thought it would scale inside the Boxes, but it won’t. They clipped outside.
Thanks for your help. I’ll try it out.

Tried it and some other things out. Doesn’t look right.
My first verison

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes. This looks great. May you please point me in a direction to achieve this and explain how the elements work?

To be perfectly honest, the only thing I did was to wrap the text block with scale box:


I only used the window resizing for debugging/demonstration purposes. I can post that, too if anyone is interested.

Its meant to be made trough anchors (per item) (marking biggest size (the pose can spread and parts can be dragged))
,scaleBoxes (if you want to have ,for example, text become larger or smaller depending on resolution)
,some lists ,for things like textures ,which can resize
and the DPI curve (which letting you define what impact resolution will have on widgets)