How to scale physics asset non-uniformly?

Hey all,

I apologize I had an earlier thread about scaling a skeletal mesh collision capsule uniformly which is not what I meant. What I meant to say was how do I scale the collision capsule non-uniformly? Everytime I try to choose only one direction to scale in, it still scales the entire thing. Is this a bug or something? All I want is one direction not all 3! Please help!

Thank you!

A capsule, by definition, only has a (half) height and a radius. Making an elliptical “capsule” (i.e without a single fixed radius and a circular cross-section) defeats the purpose of a capsule, which is (a) that it’s extremely cheap to calculate facts about it, given that it can be defined wholly using two float values, so it’s economical to tick collision for it, and (b) that the engine can make certain assumptions about how it’s able to move (e.g. it can always rotate in place, it can always slide across a flat surface, etc).

You can use other primitives for actor collision, but not character collision, since many of the aforementioned assumptions are built into the way a character’s movement is controlled.

Thanks RhythmScript, your explanation made a lot of sense.

I’m actually going to make a new thread about what i’m trying to achieve. Thanks again!