How to scale parent without scaling children (within a blueprint)?

Since an online search revealed that I wasn’t the only one having troubles with Unreal’s way of child-scaling, I thought let me just do it manually for my components. Yes, I did look this up online as well and came across this , which is what I thought I wanted to do but it only seemed to work for child actors in a scene. What I want to do, instead, is to scale a parent MESH without affecting the child MESH within my Blueprint Class (more specifically, I’m working with the Wheeled Vehicle Class here, but I suppose that’s immaterial here).


Me too lol

Best way is not to attach the Child while you scale the Parent. Once you’ve finished with the Parent, then you can reattach the Child.

Of course… that only works if you’re not trying to scale ‘live’. Off the top of my head, you could scale the Parent and have a separate Scale node for the child so it works in the inverse direction. That may essentially negate the effect.