How to scale multiple objects?

Seems like this has been an issue for years so I’m not gettin my hopes up, but…
any way to just scale a group of meshes all at once without them going everywhere around their own individual pivot points?
I’ve tried attaching everything to an actor or another mesh, and scaling that. Nope. I’ve dug through every setting. nothing seems to work. such a simple thing, I find it incredible that this isn’t an option.

I guess you are not referring to the world outliner (because you can easily scale several meshes selecting/grouping them with Ctrl+G).

If you are talking about the scene components in the viewport (inside a blueprint) you can scale the parent scene and the children will scale consequently

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Hello @Apgar426
the normal is to import assets in centimeters
there are a lot of options to scale assets, and @Ares9323 gave you the easiest way

but it seems your problem is you are importing some stuff that is not in centimeters

For example, Blender doesn’t understand very well what is a centimeter and I need to scale each mesh each time I do use, instead to apply the units in the file


create your own tool :face_in_clouds:

I guess I should clarify about this issue. I’m really more perplexed by it now than before. Selecting and scaling multiple objects together seems to work fine for most assets, but there are certain instances, particularly involving megascans that I’ve chopped up and re-assembled, where group scaling breaks completely. The objects don’t stay together when scaled, they scale and move differently for each object. I think it has to do with the “mesh origins” (not pivot points). Here’s a screenshot to show what happens.

@Apgar426 I’m not sure what are you doing, to be honest.
But if you are going to edit for example a window that is composed of several meshes,
I recommend to you create a blueprint, I did the same as you for a long time at the beginning

For example, I have this and I do repeat it constantly…

Then create a new blueprint actor:

Add meshes:

Then you can repeat, scale, move… and

You can create an empty actor and then make it the parent and then scale the actor

You can do whatever you want!

Take a look, I think is what you need

The blueprint method fixed the scaling issue. Thank you!

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You could also try using the modeling mode transform->xForm tool. It will allow to transform multiple objects together from a common manipulator quickly. It has some limitations since there is no direct numerical control but it can help out in some cases.
You can use ctrl+mmb to snap the manipulator as well.