How to scale entire scene / root by a factor?

Hi, we have a lot of assets in our scene for a VR Experience, we just realized that they are all modelled a little smaller than what it should be. I realized when I go into “VR Mode” to have more fine grain control over the elements. I was keen that it must be a world setting but couldn’t find anything.

I really don’t want to reimport or do bulk scale changes, as this would be a lot of work and some pivot’s aren’t at the position they should be, which would make the process even more difficult.

You could try putting everything in a group by selecting it all and hitting Ctrl+G. That should keep everything in place as you resize it, and then you can use Shift+G to ungroup it back to normal.

Otherwise there is no level root scaling or anything like that.

Hi Juice, thanks for the hint, I was going to do that, but then I’ve found the ‘World to Meters’ Option in the VR Section, which allows to scale the scene globally.