How to Scale a Level?


So i’ve ported a level but when i test it ingame, It seems to be too small so my player model can’t fit into doors at all because i’m too tall ingame and due to the game i’m doing it for which is VR, i’m unable to raise the player model to any height as that’ll break it.

Is there anyway to grab my entire level and scale its height at all?

Always a good idea is to create a Level hierarchy in the Editor. There you add an Empty Actor as Parent of your whole Level. So you can scale the empty one and it scales everything inside relatively.

But… Is there a reason you didn´t try out Doors, Caves and such, before placing them?

Yes, the map is a port so when i ported it in the game and tested, that’s when the problem came in as i found out i was too tall to go into doors, higher than objects i should be lower than etc so i’m trying to see if i can scale the map in anyway possible to fix this issue.

Have the same issue as you. No luck I guess

drag your player into the level as well as a door, scale the door so that your player fits, note the % in scale change. delete the door and player. select all the actors in the lever and group them, select the group and scale by the % recorded before, ungroup them and everything should be scaled to the right size.